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Hey You,

Hard work, Determination, Skill, Dreams, Tenacity, Willpower, Commitment. We all fight a unique battle long before competition starts and need specialized nutrition products to fuel our intensity. Undefeated Sports Nutrition supplies you with the core nutrients needed to perform your highest level. To fuel your dreams.

Sounds personal. It is. We take great pride in how we are changing the way people eat cookies and drink sports drinks and define what it means to Be Undefeated. Helping people achieve their dreams was always our goal and with 4 years under our belt, there is quite a list of peeps. MMA World Champions, Marathoners, National and World Champions in Wrestling, Rugby, Jiu Jitsu, Soccer, Cycling, Hikers and Mountain Bikers! We even sell cookies to nursing homes because they are that good for everybody. The SPORT COOKIE CREW!! ROLLIN!!

We are a small company out in sunny California. Founded by a kid from Idaho armed with a Biology and Chemistry degree who knows how to play. I believe that being undefeated has little to do with your record and much to do with who you are. Right now, I am just happy that you are here. Once you eat our cookies, one only knows where you will end up.

Peace till we me meet again!


Benjamin J. Thomas
Founder: Sport Cookie Crew